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Linuxfest Northwest is over (or "there are KDE people in the USA")

So I seem to have been put on the conference circuit recently. This has been pretty interesting, as they've all been slightly different in terms of organizing and what I've learned. :) This one was different because almost all of us were giving talks.

So, this past weekend, Linuxfest Northwest was held in Bellingham, Washington, which is north of Seattle. Josh Berry (CondorDes on irc, kopete, bugsquad) and myself were the first to arrive from San Francisco to the Seattle airport. Once there, the lovely Karsten Wade (fedora, not kde) and company (including a pack of kids all with XOs, sooo cute!) picked us up as they passed through the area. We saw some great signs along the way. Like, "try nitrogen" and "tulip information here". Or the NRA sticker on the bumper of a truck that proudly declared itself to run on biodiesel. We were wiped out by the time we got to the hotel, but went to a place called The Copper Pig and met up with a few other presenters/organizers/Mousey-of-boxer-fame. Chani Armitage (chani, plasma, gsoc) & Pete Lypkie (doviende, bugsquad) arrived sometime around then (biking in from Canada), but the front desk couldn't tell us that... Instead we found out by waking them up when we knocked on their door. Opps. Jeff Mitchell (jefferai, one of the campKDE organizers & amarok dev) arrived last and we all crashed. Well, eventually. I fought presentation software first. Who does kpresenter? I'm bribing you to develop faster. We need you! :D

Next day, armed with some candy and a flat of Pepsi from Costco, we hit the floor. There were a few companies, the usual non-profits/distros/LUGs, and some interesting local groups, including a room of robots for kids. As usual, our booth was really busy. All too quickly, afternoon started, and so did our talks. Bang bang back-to-back: myself, Jeff, Chani. At the booth, there were tons of newbies to Linux and some people who had run kde3, so I was surprised to find that a large portion of people at my talk were reasonably familiar with KDE4. I had projector problems, so I talked sans slides at first. Des had it fixed around when the presentation needed them, though, so that was good. Everyone else's talks went pretty smoothly, yay! By the time the talks were over, so was the day. So off to the afterparty! Which I was tired enough for, that I don't remember much. Except for the person playing around with a laptop which was inexplicably hooked up to a projector. And trying to use KDE with compiz. And crashing. Hordes of KDE developers descended. :) And I talked to the opensuse guy, "Zonker", and a bunch of others. At some point we headed back to the hotel and played poker with fake sugar packets. And I met all kinds of cool people. I later found out that I'd been talking to Randal Schwartz. Oh!

Sunday, we were asked to give an encore talk. Your wish is our command! Des gave a talk on how to install a KDE developer environment using mypne's software. Look for slides and some cleaned up pages on the topic in the near future. (Newbies: #kde-devel can help you. User questions to #kde :) We then had some frantic fun figuring out shipping and packing, so we ended up leaving late. (This is at a school, so they can't do the usual type of shipping.) We did catch our plane though!

All in all, it was a great weekend, but I wish we'd had more time to talk to each other. Still, we all met at least one KDE person we hadn't met before (*wave to Pete*), and I hope we get a few new developers (and users!) from our talks. People at least seem to have added me on social networking sites. :D
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