blauzahl (blauzahl) wrote,

A new BugDay! this Sunday

Looking for a good way to contribute and got some spare time this weekend? KDE BugSquad is holding a Bug Day revival this Sunday 1st of August and still looking for people who'd like to help out with getting Dolphin bugs under control.

We'll be gathering in our IRC channel (#kde-bugs) starting around 10:00 AM european time zone. As always, no coding skills required. All you need is a recent version of our beloved KDE Software Compilation. Senior bug triagers will be around to help you get started.

More info on: (available soon)

See you there! :-)

Can't make it then? That's ok, we'll have another. Promise.

But feel free to drop by anytime, bug reports always come in, and somebody has to look at all those duplicates!

Then the big question: do we hold our Bof in the back of a bus next year too? It makes it hard to take a group photo!

Tags: kde

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