blauzahl (blauzahl) wrote,

Nokia & Qt? Don't panic.

There are some really shrill voices out there of people predicting doomsday or saying how quickly they will leave to some other non-Qt toolkit. Honestly people! Take a Valium and come back on Monday, once we get more details. This was big and secret from everyone, it will take time for Nokia groups to get details. It is very silly to be calling for a Qt fork at this point.

Incidentally, I got up at 5am and watched both parts of the screencast, and they seemed pretty cagey about Qt and MeeGo. One slide came with two disclaimers: "not including MeeGo devices" and "not actual numbers". Not quite that wording, but you get the idea.

So wait and see.

I'll leave it to others to say why KDE should be unconcerned at this point.
Tags: kde

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