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Monday at Desktop Summit in Berlin

Last of the talks today. Afterwards there was football and volleyball. Lesson: sign up for things ahead of time if you want to get a t-shirt. They didn't have enough made from the morning's count. There were lots of people at volleyball. I met bug triager gkiagia, and the kivo guy who was here all the way from China. There were a bunch more, some of whom were really good volleyball players, but I'm pretty bad with names... You're all great anyway! Especially the folk that hadn't played for a long time, or had never played and were still willing to play! Hope your bruises aren't too bad.

The network has been very sad, I finally switched to 3G to be able to post to I wish people were better at using the offical conference tag (wasn't it #ds2011?) on all their posts, but I guess it hasn't been announced as widely as it could be. As a result, to get all the posts I have to search on #desktopsummit, #ds2011, etc. On twitter and identica. Over flaky network.

There were awards: BugSquad's very own Dario Andres won one for unwavering dedication to bug triaging. Also, Martin Graesslin got one for doing all kinds of cool stuff to kwin. And one to Mirko Boehm for Desktop Summit organizing work. And one to the sysadmin team, but they couldn't quite do that, so they "went older" and picked Toma. Gnome had their traveling pants award. Matthias Clausen won it with a standing ovation...
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