blauzahl (blauzahl) wrote,

Seli doesn't think we exist: help us turn his hair blue!

So Lubos/Seli made disparaging noises as to whether or not BugSquad would do much good:
"I'll believe it when I'm not in the commit digest."

Now if you look at that query I put in my last post, you'll see a bunch of people with brand new bugzilla accounts (plus some old-timers!) who are all in the top. (FiNex, nixeagle, lemma, pino, brams, grundleborg are all accounts I recognize.)

Unfortunately, you'll also see l.lunak clocking in at #5. So he has a point. And it's a good one: we'll be self-sustainable in the long-run if it isn't just a few people doing this. If we can get people to do regular triage, and continue to participate in BugDays, we should easily have ten people who will kick all the developers out of the top ten.

So upon further talking with Seli, he told me he'd dye his hair blue for aKademy if we could reliably kick him out of the top ten*. This is totally doable for us! He closes about ten bugs a week, so all we have to do is find enough people to beat that, and we're set. Now this doesn't mean you can just look at ten bugs and close them. Odds are they'll be valid, and verifying them is important too, even if it won't put you on the commit digest. So at the risk of making people bug-closing crazy (remember: even if a website isn't reachable, sometimes there's still enough information to reproduce what the underlying issue is), I give you this challenge: Close more bugs than Seli. Help us turn his hair blue!

(If you've helped out before, drop back by channel, and we should be able to give you some closable bugs. And a woot to katastrophe, jtamate, Jannex, Talavis, and szotsaki for having started on "Sunday"'s BugDay already! Some of us are going to have to finish work first.... Thanks also to Grundleborg for setting up this week's page! Oh, hey, look, that's eleven people already... Ha, I should also thank Seli for being such a great sport about this. :)

* [Edit: this said twenty at one point, but we actually agreed to "ten", since that is what the commit digest counts. Ossi went for the top twenty. Edited to reflect that.]
Tags: bugsquad, kde, seli

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