Konqueror: It's on TV!

This is from a cute show called The Big Bang Theory:

Aren't geeks adorable? Thanks Sho for finding and hosting! (And to the Big Bang folk, you've already had one offer to make you a custom desktop look.)

Now we need to make our own shirts like that!

ObRealKonqNews: At the SF sprint (that pre-devdays one), I started taking use cases for Konq. I was quite surprised with how people actually use their web browsers. Now if only I can figure out how to publish my notes... (photographs of my handwriting on a whiteboard, ha) A full UI review would be good to do. And I have the germ of a feature idea...

It would be nice if we were visible again. Unfortunately, if you cloak (ie change your User Agent) to work better with a site *cough gmail*, then Konqueror doesn't show up in its statistics. Furthermore, apparently sites don't check the UA for "webkit", they check for "Safari". Annoying, huh? QtWebKit cloaks as Safari...

Incidentally, if you were wondering why facebook suddenly broke, i.e. started sending you to the mobile version, well, currently if you use the default UA string, it 302s you to the mobile version. For me this bites, because a few of those apps don't work in Firefox on linux.

EDIT: I posted this when planet broke, so I'm bumping the date to hit the feed. I guess it's stale now, but oh well.

Phonon Bugday

Woke up to find the Phonon BugDay is going well. They're halfway through, but could still use some help with the second half! Also needed: someone with an external usb sound device and someone using KDE on MS-Windows. Join in, #kde-bugs on irc.freenode.net!

Hot day, bad day. No cat. But new hackergotchi! Nepomuk?

I've put off blogging for a while, but I've been meaning to do a series of posts on social media/networking/desktop/soldering irons (hey, everything is "social" now). It was way too hot to post today, as least by the metric of "hmm, I've drunk half of the lemonade for the week while walking home from the farmer's market, and I'm still thirsty." But it's night now, so you'd think it would be better, except my wifi is messed up, and I had to sit on a chair, and I hate chairs. I was also catsitting my old cat. :( He's ended up with a bad tail injury. I'm a little flipped out on that. So I think you get to wait on the "social" posts. Sorry. I'll sleep, and then declare it a new day when I wake up. It'll have to be better then.

I'd like to thank Marijn Kruisselbrink (Mek) for my new hackergotchi photo.
Thanks also to Fredrik Holgrund (fredrikh) for post-processing. Check out that drop shadow, woot.
Now you can see that, yes, despite the gender neutral "Alex" you can call me by, the "A.L." I'm formally listed as on most everywhere, and the mysterious "blauzahl", I really am female. I wonder how much online harassment that has actually saved me over the years? I've gotten surprisingly little, really. Or I just expected so much worse based on stories, that what I did get seemed fine.

One reason I've put off posting is that I haven't updated trunk for quite a while... Since before GCDS! I got tired of breaking things the night before a talk/con/travel/etc (they never break otherwise!), so just didn't update. And I'm not sure how many conferences I went to right after that. I think two. And then I started my new job, which probably should get it's own entry when I'm more chipper. The important part is: I don't know what apps use nepomuk now, and who has added capabilities for it. I was stunned when I did an svn up and saw what gwenview last had. So please tell me if your app does more with it than before GCDS. :) I thought I heard that digiKam was using it now.

Ghost from the past: GCDS forgotten blog entry

So we'd get back late at night, and dani_l would look at me as I'd pull out my laptop, and say, "You're going to blog? At this hour?" And yeah, I did. I think consistently, even. Well, here is a post from the auto-save of my blogging software.

Yesterday was the last day of GCDS at the university for me. I dragged myself out of early to go and do DrKonqi stuff in the morning. Lunch was more "food". Then back to do more DrKonqi. Oh no, the paintball trip... Where we were supposed to leave from the Auditorium which we were no longer meeting at, nor were we anywhere near. So an interesting calling around began to see what was going on. Most people on the list seemed to have canceled from being too tired. Quite understandable at this point, really. Anyway, the locals finally found the name and location of the place and called us a taxi. Four of us took a rather scenic taxi. Er, well, yeah. The guy couldn't find the place, and so we drove around in circles on gravel roads and got to see ruins of houses built into cliffs and some nice rocks. (They're very good at using basalt here as accents in buildings, btw.) He didn't understand where we were going, and nobody seemed to be able to give him good directions. Anyway, we ended up getting off back at the Auditorium and had people come pick us up.

After that misadventure in transit, we were actually at paintball. It was quite interesting to see people running around diving into crouches and stuff. It was also kinda amusing to see who was good at it, but I think it safe to say you shouldn't mess with some of our developers. It was fun, and maybe something that can happen at a future aKademy. We all went home with bruises on random spots. [Who has the group photo from this anyway? URL please!]

Walking home, as it wasn't actually that far from the Auditorium, we decided to go back to our hotels, shower, meet up for food afterwards, and then go clubbing or something and enjoy the (for-most) last night. On the boardwalk, I finally got to eat proper tapas (finally, REAL FOOD! And fish even!). We found the Amarok hotel, and decided to howl at them and see who would answer back. They did! We then grabbed some other people, and wandered around the island looking for a reasonable club. We failed. Amusingly enough, Qt development discussion came up. And there is NOTHING like running around and talking about software development at 2am in the morning. We did find some actual dancing. When I left the others at 4am, they were talking about Qt again. :D

Wandering around was interesting: KDAB has half the island wearing their shirts now we could watch for people wearing shirts from our conference and randomly (or not) talk to them. The downside of this conference is that we've been too spread out. There's lots of people I'd like to have met, that I've barely ever even seen. And people I usually talk to I've seen almost zero of. I have met new people though, and have gotten to know some from online better. I wonder how many people have left by now. [ereslibre grabbed me online wanting to know if I'd met him or if I'd met an imposter! I have no idea! Did you bring me the real ereslibre or not? Collobora party]

I'm here for tomorrow still. I'd like to go rockhounding up by the stuff we were walking by yesterday, but we'll see how blistered my feet are. I seem to have really torn them up from the combo of paintball/dancing: I should have been paying more attention to the fact that my shoes were too loose. Heh, I should pack my bag first and see just how much less I'm taking back. [I was too tired to go walking that far. I instead found that our hotel was *right* by the rocky section of the beach and that late at night was low tide. Sand and saltwater feel very good on blistered feet and I got some great rocks!]


By the time I left, 2am and 4am were normal "evening times" for me. There is nothing like night on a beach... And then watching the sunrise. There was either/both a full moon or strong light pollution: even though it was dark, you could see the whites of the breakers as they crashed. It was an entirely new pattern/way to watch an ocean. And beautiful.

I'd like to thank Sealne for letting me crash in the Penthouse my last few hours there. And for suggesting the hotel in the first place. I'd also like to thank Markey & Mamarok for letting me hitch a ride to the airport with them. I guess I owe you all beers. :) [&&]

Suggestion for next year: Nokia-sponsored beanbags in the hacking room. Or bring the Google ones over.

[&&] They can even be non-virtual!

Sleeping in at GC till 10am, then rolling down sand dunes

For the first day here, I was able to sleep in till the grand hour of 10am. This was incredibly luxurious, although I could certainly have used more. Nobody from our place was involved in Plasma or KWin so we could skip that bof. :) We left in time to make sure we caught the bus for the trip, and ended up being early enough for me to catch the Community bof. There we discussed having party packs to give to people who were having parties to promote kde, and how exactly that might work.

After that, it was time to go on the Formal Field Trip Thing. Which involved us splitting up into 3 buses, having one (or two?) of them break down, and us standing at a balcony overlooking dunes while we waited for the rest. Of course, we went to play! I'm sure someone will post photos. Perhaps even me, at least, what I took before I did the ill-advised move of rolling down a sand dune while holding a camera. The mechanism isn't entirely happy with me atm... I'm not sure who started with sand dune rolling: I saw someone do somersaults down a big one early on. That had to hurt somewhat. The idea of it is what tempted me to go ahead and get my shoes all sandy and join in the sand dune play. Indeed, it turned out to be quite fun, and you can go very fast when doing a proper roll from a large, sharp dune. *grin* (Those physics classes were good for something: maximizing angular momentum!) You then sort of stop when you hit the bottom, sand scatters everywhere, and find yourself looking up into the world. Sand dunes tower above you, and you are somewhat dizzy for a bit. I did this at least five times. And ended up with sand all over my skin, inside of my clothes, and even inside of my ears. I kind of wish I'd done it some more. I think I had more fun doing that then playing in the ocean later. (We also later saw a lovely church, and some of the bright pastel-colored city architecture up close. I found myself studying the rock makeup of one of the cornerstones. And identifying Tomaz's beach rocks. Those geology classes were good for something too! :)

I still have sand in my ears. Shower time. :)

We get up bright and early tomorrow: I expect we'll do some DrKonqi work where we can find a whiteboard and a somewhat unobtrusive spot. Amazingly enough, Dario has been working on keeping up with bugs while here. Otoh, he's also been sick at home lots, and is coughing up a storm these days. Hopefully he'll be well enough tomorrow.

Signing off, shower and rumor has it there is food in the Penthouse... At least, they have my gluten-free pasta and just came to take our forks.

"Did you really enjoy eating that?" (or, food help!)

Is what I was asked by someone after a recent meal. The answer is, no, I didn't really enjoy it, but in terms of eating out, so far it was one of the better things I've had that I didn't have cooked in one of our kitchens. The meal? One of the "salads". In this case, tuna in the center, with some tomato, cucumber, something else, and shredded egg on top. I should post a picture, they look really goofy. And not like salads at all. I have celiac disease, so I avoid grain products pretty strictly [#]. I'm going to hit the bottom of my energy bar supply after our little field trip tomorrow. So I'm going to start needing to either figure out how to pack a lunch here, decide that the plain almonds I have left are tasty, or get used to paying 6.50 euros for a bizarre salad.


p.s. Yes, I will admit that the water tastes kind of bad. I wonder if it is more energy-intensive to import bottled water, or to desalinate the water here. Both are pretty bad.

[#] Note that I'm also allergic to milk (yes, allergic; I thought I could just eat lots of manachego while here, but the first time I had some it turned out to be too milky. Opps. My ears are still messed up. Better not be sinus infection.) and I'm quasi-vegetarian. Quasi.


Was told my bof was the most collaborative yet. Bugsquad met up with Tobi, one of the Gnome people, and we traded secrets. We also talked with a few developers, some prospective helpers, and I managed to see Dario and Grundleborg in the same room. :)

Tonight was the Collabora party. As the evening wore on, the early trend of swapping nametags rapidly picked up. It became a game to see just whose you could get. I'm not sure who has mine right now. But I have ereslibre's, which is neat, because I didn't realize he was here, and I wouldn't have met him otherwise. Which is the downside to this conference: it is rather large. If you don't know who you are looking for, you might not necessarily run into them. All the same, I did run into and manage to talk to Sumana for a bit, which was pretty cool, as I haven't seen her since she moved out to NYC.

I was kinda dubious about to what extent having GUADEC and aKademy together would work, but some things do seem to have been perhaps more useful than they first seemed (not to be). Given who I've seen talking to each other in the hallway, anyway. And the conversations I got into at lunch. Anyway, late now, so signing off. But I get to sleep in tomorrow. :)

GCDS: Random notes on how to build QtWebKit from Simon "bof"

from a talk by Simon on webkit stuff at GCDS
#webkit #qtwebkit

building instructions:

Overview of QtWebKit classes:
" QtWebitContrib

Get the source
http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk or

Patch queue: http://webkit.org/pending-review

WebKitBuild/ Release/ WebCore/ Makefile --> make install install-layout(?)

Upload a patch:
1) [git/svn] diff
2) WebKitTools/ Scripts/ prepare = Changelog for ex: WebKit/ qt/Changelog ... WebCore/Changelog
3) edit changelogs
4) Create new bug on bugs.webkit.org component QtWebKit
5) attach patch including changelog
6) mark attachment for review with r?
7) wait or tag someone on irc #webkit for review and pending =--> r- then 1)

8) rt & fork


Unit tests

Layout tests

platform/qt/Skipped (?) skips half the tests