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A boringmost blog about bugs

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This blog has any post with "kde" as a tag syndicated to http://planetkde.org, consider this when you reply, as I seemingly randomly pick comments screened or not. In fact, this blog is mostly about my KDE work, which means it mostly exists to promote KDE's BugSquad (I'm one of the founders), babble about drkonqi or ktimer, con people into helping at North American conferences and giving talks, or my favorite: giving Lubos blue hair.

I do fun things. Rather, I am silly.

Software: I break things. And sometimes I fix them.

Hardware: I read books.

Wetware: I like warm oceans. If I wait long enough this comes as a standard feature.

I'm testing a twitter account. Feel free to add me. Same username.

If you want to send me email and you are outside of the USA, you should send it via my @kde.org address, as that is less likely to be blocked. That would start with "spehr".

Social capital

  • less than 10